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Erlang/OTP Volume II

The OTP Basics

Manuel Rubio

The OTP basics...

After the first volume and knowing what we can do with Erlang it's the OTP turn. The OTP framework is available in Erlang and contains the necessary base for complete and professional application development in Erlang.

In this volume, we will see all of the OTP behaviors, typing, and Dialyzer, and through the book, we will be building several projects.

"The successful construction of all machinery depends on the perfection of the tools employed, and whoever is a master in the arts of tool-making possesses the key to the construction of all machines. Charles Babbage

ISBN 978-84-945523-8-0
Número de páginas 271
Autor Manuel Ángel Rubio Jiménez
Editor Ayanda Dube
Traductor/a Ana María Rubio Jiménez
Idioma EN (EN)
Fecha de publicación noviembre de 2023
Edición (1ª) Primera edición


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  15,00 €

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