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  What you should know about Erlang

  The Language

Erlang/OTP Volume I

A Concurrent World

Manuel Rubio

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The new era starts now...

Eficient programming it isn't enough anymore, as in the hardware industry, the software should be developed to implement easily concurrency between different processors or cores which are implemented in the new systems and it's not only a matter of efficiency or speed, but the code achieves to use better the resources, scale up between all of their processors and cores and in addition to make that in an easy way.

"When you are stuck in a traffic jam with a Porsche, all you do is burn more gas in idle. Scalability is about building wider roads, not about building faster cars. Steve Swartz

ISBN 978-84-945523-7-3
Número de páginas 192
Autor Manuel Ángel Rubio Jiménez
Editor Ayanda Dube
Traductor/a Ana María Rubio Jiménez
Idioma EN (EN)
Fecha de publicación mayo de 2020
Edición (1ª) Primera edición


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  15,00 €

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